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OK, I'm no genealogist, so if someone can provide me with more information, that would be very helpful.
There are however two nice pieces of information added to this site. The first one is an idea of the distribution of the name “Seynaeve”.
Distribution of the name Seynaeve within Belgium
This image has been taken from the geonome webpage. Try it out, it's fun to see the distribution for your own name. Unfortunately, this site has not been maintained since 1996 !!

By including the alternative names “Seynhaeve”, “Seynave”, … the shape of the distribution does not change significantly. As can be seen, the main concentration of people with our last name is on the axis Brugge-Kortrijk. This means that the main concentration of people with the same last name is at the sea coast. This is rather significant.

After drawing some conclusions from the distribution, we can guess that the name originated from the sea coast. This suspicion is further strengthened when you decompose the name: “Seyn-Aeve”. “Seyn” is phonetically close to the contemporary “sein”, which means sign. “Aeve” used to be written “Haeven”, which leads to “haven”, which is a harbor. So, Seynaeve means a sign at the harbor: a lighthouse. This is indeed a name worthy the sea.

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